The Austrian Institute for Environment, Peace and Development (IUFE) which was founded 1998 is based in Vienna. As a Think Tank the IUFE works alongside the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in the fields of

  • climate change (mitigation and adaptation)
  • sustainable cities and municipalities
  • implementing the SDGs in Austria
  • environmental protection
  • climate induced migration
  • economy and development
  • environment and development
  • eco-social market economy
  • people with disabilities in Austria and the global south
  • peace-keeping
  • education for sustainable development 
  • communication for sustainable development


Considering sustainable development IUFE’s activities comprehend:

  • conferences
  • discussion panels
  • workshops
  • speeches
  • publications
  • educational journeys 
  • sustainability blog “zukunftsrezepte”
  • podcast
  • and many more


IUFE’s target is to increase public awareness and understanding and to promote broad political and civil discussion trough high quality information. The IUFE understands itself as a platform for an evidence-based dialogue and exchange of know-how on several levels.To the target group of IUFE belong politicians of municipalities and the national assembly as well as representatives of civil society, media, companies, public authorities, representation of interests, science and research. 


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For details please contact: Director Florian Leregger

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