“Peace, development and environmental protection

are interdependent and indivisible.”

(Article 25, “Rio-declaration on environment and development”, 1992)

Environmental pollution, poverty, conflicts, migration and crime are increasingly globalised and cannot be solved on national level any more. To tackle the tremendous challenges in this new millennium a world-wide cooperation of politicians, international organisations, transnational concerns, global financial markets, scientific institutions, media, NGOs and the civil society is essential. Accountable and sustainable local, national and global politics are to be based on the three interconnected dimensions Environment - Peace - Development, not only for human and ethic reasons but also as a matter of enlightened self-interest. All people live in a common and manifold world and share the responsibility for it.

The Austrian Institute for Environment, Peace and Development (IUFE), which was founded 1998 and is based in Vienna, wants to point out the political, socio-cultural, economical, technological and ecological interrelations and interdependencies and to promote sustainable development. Our target is to increase public awareness and understanding. We promote a broader political discussion through high quality information. The Institute for Environment, Peace and Development sees itself as a platform for an interdisciplinary dialogue. Our activities comprehend: research and publications, seminars, panel discussions and conferences, educational journeys, as well as exhibitions, networking and many more.


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